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I have had numerous problems as I see others have had. I can't do a deposit to my account what the heck is that all about. I opened a checking account and immediately moved money from Navy Federal Credit Union ( I should have never done that I am going back to them ). I did a automatic deposit to the checking account I had no idea they were doing a temporary deposit I had to verify so USAA sent the money back. I have since deposited a good deal of money into my USAA accounts that I will be moving back to Navy Federal Credit Union. I tried to deposit some more money by using my cell phone to deposit some more checks. I got a message I could not deposit because I have reached my deposit limit of 0 dollars. I called USAA and inquired about this and was told because my money was returned to Navy Federal I could not deposit any more until things were reviewed after 6 months. Really can't make any deposits? I will be going back to Navy Federal that I should have never left but opened a USAA account after strong recommendation. I asked the customer service rep for the CEO's contact information and she said she could not find it. He or she needs to know directly the problems members are having and how many customers they are loosing as well as the bad reputation they are getting. If anyone has the CEO/Presidents contact information please let me know.


Dear J.J.02: I'm sorry to hear about your recent experience with USAA service. While I know you've already spoken with a representative, we'd really like the opportunity to have one of our contacts in the business review your situation once more to see if there's anything USAA can do to assist.


If you don't mind providing a few additional details, we can have one of our team members review your account:

I have tried to reply now this site will not let me reply the first time I tried again. Simple issue tried to post some checks into my account and will not let me do it I was told maybe after 6 months. All my accounts are current and have a pretty good deal of money in my accounts. This is not right and looking for new insurance on my homes and vehicles and to refinance and move my money back to Navy Federal Credit Union. I appreciate your quick response and all I am looking for is a e mail address or phone number to speak with the CEO of my experience and see if he or she can look into not loosing more customers. Again thank you
see they always do that once you out once you request to speak to the president they always try to do something but the fact is you still want to speak with the president of the company
Thanks scout 2222. So I have left the issue comments asked for and called and spoke with a representative. The bottom line after that conversation was from the representative. I completely understand your frustration and sorry to see you leave USAA. Still no contact information for the CEO. I have looked all over the web for his contact information. All I found was his and the boards bios but no contact information. I will continue to try and get this information if I cannot find it I guys I go the old way and send a letter to them via snail mail. They really need to understand my frustration. Here is the interesting piece I have already signed the checks and put my USAA account information on them now can't deposit them. Hope Navy Federal Credit Union understands and accepts the deposits with the USAA information crossed out. What a nightmare.


Sorry to hear about your troubles hope it all works outs, what is the contact information for the USAA president/ CEO  ? I am unable to find it as well.

Having a nightmare situation with auto insurance claim.

Customer service at USAA has really deteriorated. I have over $300,000 deposited or invested with USAA and ALL of my insurance is with them, for annual premiums of about $8,000, yet I can't talk to anyone with any authority, just clerks. This isn't the USAA I joined about thirty years ago. It's beginning to feel like the VA. I left the VA and I can easily do the same with USAA, as they have become just like any other financial institution. They really need an ombudsman to oversee customer service, as their members are being neglected, in my opinion. I have always spoken highly of the association and always recommended it to others, but I will think twice about doing so in the future.


We are so sorry to hear you feel this way. We would like to get you the assistance you need, and get further feedback from you so that we may improve and hopefully return to the company once knew and loved. Please email us here at [Removed Link]. Please include your member number and the best way to contact you. Thank you.

Any corporation that hides their CEO's information is in serious trouble. One of USAA's tricks is to charge NSF fees on debit card transactions which is illegal. They do it anyway. You also gotta love their practice of basing your car insurance on your credit record. This company is not the servicemembers friend anymore, they are predatory and they are just out to make a buck off you anyway they can.


Contact the Consumer Finance Protection Agency and file a complaint about what happened to you. Financial corporations  like USAA are required by law to make contact information for their board and chair available to it's members.


The only way they will listen is to complain to the Federal Government.



I suggest exactly what USAA needs ... Go for the jugular folks,  they are a DIRTY COMPANY  & deserve what they get. I am currently helping the Fl ins commisioner with an investigation into some of USAA illegal practices &  am contacting the federal banking commision about  USAA continually locking me out of my financial accounts . I have an 850 credit score and am TOTALLY DEBT FREE  & never in my life bounced a check, guess some of their hostile employees  like to muck things up