Is there a way to file a complaint against Nationstar (Mr. Cooper) that will actually amount to something? Working with them has been a nightmare and USAA needs to do something about their incompetence before they lose yet another loyal customer.


Hi, LLB404. I regret to hear you are experiencing issues with your mortgage servicer. I will have a mortgage representative engage you directly to further address your concerns. Thank you for bringing this to USAA's attention. ~Heather

I have had no issues with Nationstar until Hurricane Harvey flooded our home.  They were absolutely horrible from day 1.  They knew we flooded and gave us no information and even lied about multiple issues.  They had this secret group of people they call the 'exceptions team' that made us wait until they approved us to work on our own home, holding our insurance check hostage. They had no documentation on procedures for self repair but told me they do and will send it to me by mail.  They made me jump through hoops to prove we were spending our own money and had to upload receipts only to lie to us about procedures.  Let me ask you something USAA, how do you expect a homeowner to complete 90% of repairs when you hold the 1/3 rd of our insurance money?  Nationstar made me feel like a servant, begging for my insurance money. I played the game until I couldn't hold it in anymore and yelled at the poor girl on the phone. I told her I'd rather flood again than to ever have to deal with Nationstar.  So I will be sending in a complaint to USAA and BBB and whoever else I can get my hands on. Shame on you, you took the human factor out of a tragedy and thought only about controlling our repairs. Shame on you.

Good morning Leno Tharpo. Thank you for contacting us through Member Community. I regret to hear of the difficultyexperience you had while attempting to repair after the Hurricane Harvey. I am sharing your post with a colleague who will review what occurred and contact you. ~Jeanni

I too would like to know if there is a way to file a complaint against Nationstar. We have had significant issues with the company and our current mortgage. They are not representing the values of USAA.  Attempts to deal with them have been unsuccessful.


Hello NCD, I am sorry to hear of this experience with Nationstar. I have forwarded your information to a subject matter expert. They will review this for you and reach out thanks.-Colleen

Hello NCD, when you have the opportunity, please contact a member of our Executive Resolutions Team, at 1-800-531-8722, extension 78320. We can ask you a few more questions to ensure we are capturing all of your feedback.