I'm trying to order checks, but when I do the name line is showing 


Jennifer XXXXX


Eddie XXXX


It won't let me edit the CPT USA OR part (I want to completely get rid of it on our checks). Is there a way to delete this from my account or some other way without having to call?


Jenn1, I'm happy to assist with the styling of your checks. I have made a modification to your profile. This information should transfer to the check ordering site within 24 hours. I hope this helps! ~DC

I need the same changes made because on the ordering website they show as follows:


Anthony X XXXX




I do not want the "SRA ANG OR". Thanks!

@bamatj7, Thanks for contacting us. I have made the updates to your profile. You should now be able to order checks. - Ben

The rank on my checks I want to order is wrong, even though I changed the rank on my profile. Can the checks I want to order be updated to reflect this change?

Hello @Zach17, thank you for reaching out to us today. I would be glad to assist you with your request and will be sending you a PM shortly. -Emily


I need the same thing done to my name. My last name is still showing up as my maiden name, even though my account information now shows my married name. How can I change this?

Hello @BFranks, I can assist you in a private chat. Please send a private message. Once I receive the message, I can then provide you a link to a private chat. Here are the instructions to be able to send private chat in the Member Community. 


Select username on the top right-hand corner >My Settings >Turn on Private Messages >"Save". To send a PM select username >Envelope Icon >Send Private Message.

If chatting is not your thing, your welcome to call in and we can get that updated for you. ~ Suzy

Hello, I am wanting to change the way my name appears on my personal checks, I would like for it to say

Timothy and Kelly Sisney