My account is being closed if no other reason than USAA has decided to stopped doing business with me.

So yesterday I was making purchases on amazon with my USAA card when it comes back with payment declined. I call USAA and they tell me all my accounts will be closed by end of month. When I ask why all they say is that USAA has decided to stop doing business with me. No other reason why. I pay my bills and have a good credit score. My family has been using USAA for probably over 20 years and I can't even get a reason why they would make this decision. I'm pretty dissapointed in this, more for the reason there is no more information given. I will probably make another attempt to figure out what is going on but after that Im out. I'm sure my family members will find this informative when using any of USAA services.
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Any update or new information to your issue?  Same just happened to me.  Apparently, in the notes for my closure it reads that the decision cannot be reversed and that no new information is allowed to be disclosed to the member (me).  How has it impacted your credit score?

I just got the exact same news today about my accounts with the exact same answers of no one knows why. It's really upsetting that this seems to happen to a lot of members. I can't only assume mine happened because of fraud but no one can give me answers but to say "sorry nothing we can do, but we hope you have a great rest of the day" well isn't that just fantastic.

same is happening to me, no explanations, no willingness to investigate the possibility of error or fraud. Insulting and humiliating!