While overseas my family and I had a major mess with stateside banking accounts management and we were late on several mortgage payments for he residence at 6179 Kensington Glen Dr. We have since straightened out the auto withdraw issues and are back on track. The late payments are negatively affecting my credit score. My question: Would USAA be able to excuse the late payments for February and March of 2018? I have been a USAA member in good standing for quite some time now. I am asking for just a little more help from USAA to help remedy my financial situation.
Thank you very much for consideration.
Andy Mossman


Hi @BigBirds, we are glad you were able to get the situation resolved. If the payments were not more than 30 days late they would not have been reported to the credit bureau. You would have only incurred the late fees associated with your payment. If you were more than 30 days late you may contact the loan servicer, Nationstar at 855-430-8489 to inquire about what options may be available.