Mrs. 4440
My experience with USAA Underwriting department has been extremely frustrating. We are 2 days from closing and they want additional information regarding my husband’s job. This department is having a tough time comprehending that my husband’s employer had changed several times over the past 11 years due to company buyout, company split, and company merger. During all of these transitions, my husband has kept his same job, working with the same people, and dealing with the same clients. The only thing that has changed is the company who is paying his salary. His department was taken over by A new company on 12/1/17 and they are recognizing his time as an employee, with the original employer, for the past 11 years so that this change in ownership doesn’t affect seniority, retirement, etc. We explained all of this, multiple times over, and we told that everything is on track to close on time. We have provided 2 years of W2s, pay stubs, and yet underwriting is still questioning his job. My husband has been steadily employed for 26 years without any lapse in employment!!! Come to find out yesterday from our loan officer, the underwriting department is located wonder this has been a nightmare. This has been the most unpleasant experience with USAA!!! We have been members for 26 years and to be treated this way is inexcusable. To be told by our loan officer that everything looks good and is on track to close on time has been the biggest lie of all!! We are past to window to back out of the home purchase, without penalty or threat of a lawsuit, and now our fate is in the hands of incompetent underwriting agents. My husband and I are now regretting using USAA mortgage services and will be making arrangements to move all of our banking, investment, and insurance services to another institution. Hoping for a miracle that we get to close on 1/12/18!!!


Mrs. 4440 - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information. I will engage a team to review the situation. I appreciate you reaching out to us today. - Jason

Almost a year later and it appears nothing has changed since your experience.  I was waiting last night to hear from my lending agent that the underwriter had completed everything.  Three different requests for infromation, each one getting more obscure.  The underwriter was digging through my divorce decree.  And after getting everything to her as quickly as I could often within hours of the request, I'm rewarded with her dragging her feet just enough to make sure I miss the deadline for closing.  Now everything I had scheduled has to be cancelled.  I don't even know if I'm closing at this point. 

Discouraged and demoralized.

I am sorry to hear about your experience. I found your file and am looking into the status for you. I will follow up with a private message with an update.