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I've been with usaa for three years and due to my recent divorce I had to close my joint account and open a new checking acct. Before I opened the acct I asked will there be any problems with me depositing my check via a mobile. The representative told me no and I will be fine depositing it for this month. So I deposited and they slap a seven day hold on my funds. I ask them why they said you deposited more money than usual. My check was only 200 dollars more than usual which caused them to lock my funds. I begged and pleaded for them just to release some so I could pay my car note. The manager told me sorry and go ask a friend or relative to give you the money to pay your car note. No real explanation or anything. I'm really hurt how my years of patronage to this financial institution was looked over and discarded without any concern for my well-being what so ever. I think it's time for me to find a new bank. Because the way I was talked to and treaty I believe animals have been treated better.


This is ridiculous. There are multiple people this Is happening to and the response always seems the same. I could see if it was a personal check. But there is no reason for a 10 day hold. I'm done with usaa

Dear Confused,

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I have sent your comment over to a deposit expert for further review. They will be in touch with you personally. Thank you again for sharing your experience and for your membership.

I just don't understand the hold and it's the same payroll check that has always been deposited into my account. Also the way I was treated on the phone it was horrible. They made me feel lower than low. Then to make matters worse it's over my money that I've earned.


It's untrue that your checks were held for no reason. There are perfectly valid reasons why checks deposited with Deposit @ Mobile (RDC) are held.


That you didn't read the Terms and Conditions of your account is not USAA's fault. It's also irrelevant whether or not credit unions place holds on checks. To set the record straight, many credit unions and most banks do place holds on RDC. On top of that, most banks and credit unions give absurdly low RDC limits. For example, Bank of America's standard limit is a whopping $2500 per month. USAA allows $5,000 per day and often up to $10,000 per day.


Why does USAA place holds on checks? It's probably because banking regulators pressure them to. Of course you don't know that the Federal Reserve encourages banks to treat RDC transactions as 90-day+ unsecured loans. RDC is fraught with fraud. Not one single bank employee views the check you deposit. Nobody verifies the security aspects of the check, let along signatures and account holder data. All there is for a machine to read is the routing number and account number and, at times, check amount. A monkey can scribble a routing number, account number and dollar amount on a banana peel and use RDC to deposit it.


While the check clears in one to three days, the owner of the account details that the monkey scribbled on the banana peel might not notice the money missing from their account for months.


RDC holds are here to stay. Folks need to start getting used to them. Or start mailing in your checks or move to San Antonio.

So since my payroll check is being held after all the times it went direct deposit and the one time I had to deposit it through mobile do you have the funds so I can pay my bills ? I guarantee you this it will never happen again because I'm moving my business to another bank. That the school system I work for bank with so I just made my life easier.

No, I'm not going to pay your bills.  Your finances are your problem.  I'm simply pointing out that RDC is risky for banks and unless you are banking at a corner bank / credit union, you'd better start getting used to the holds. 


Not eveybody has has the luxury of finding a local bank where they live.  You are lucky.

Do you see how this unforseen problem can cause havoc on your financial situation. I've never had this to happen to me and for the reason given because it was 200 dollars more than usual that's not a good enough reason. The only discrepancies I ever had on my account was due to their negligence. I had to be credited for it also the customer service that I received was horrible. If you're going through a difficult situation a mean and nasty response isn't what you're looking for from an institution you entrusted your funds with.

I can agree that there is no excuse whatsoever for poor customer service.  Nobody should be treated badly.  While I've never (knock on wood) been treated badly by USAA, if you have then you should not tolerate it.


Whatever representative told you the hold was due to the check being $200 more than usual is just guessing.  I have yet to find a CSR that understands RDC issues. Even so, the holds are decided virtually always by an automated process.  What's a sure way to avoid holds?  Have $100k average daily balance, lots of credit with USAA and be a long-time member.  Since most of us can't do that, more and more people will be seeing holds.  Frankly, I'm surprised they don't hold more checks than they do.


Seriously, it isn't much exaggeration when I said a monkey can deposit a banana peel with RDC and run away with at least  $30,000 (but probably $100,000) before anybody knows what happened.  Now I'm sure you aren't a monkey and I'm equally sure (going out on a limb here) hit are a very honest and upright individual.  But what it you are depositing a cashier's check given to you by a little old lady from Nigeria?  You might not even know the old hag is scamming you for months.  USAA takes the $20,000 hit because you can't pay it back. It happens. It happens A LOT.  


Since no human sees the check you deposit, the computer just looks at your profile and decides if there's a hold.  








Also I've seen plenty of post as I've been on talking about the same thing I'm wondering were we all singled out for some reason because it's a plethora of people who had all of their funds withheld. I know they're banks that will hold some of your funds but all of your funds and tell you if you really need to pay a bill go borrow it from a friend or family member. What is that to tell a customer who has been a patron of your financial institution for a few years. Also it's not what they said but how they said it is mean it was a slap in my face. Now my bills are behind because my bank wants to hold my money until they're ready to release it. Nothing anyone can say could make me feel at ease after how I was treated during the conversation. So once my funds are available all I need for them to do is to release all of it and I will happily close that account and travel elsewhere to do my transactions.