I need a manager of the fraud department who determind my denial to call me about my insufficient fund fees that were on my account. Our card was stolen along with a cell phone that had card holder. They hacked our account through face book and and pay pal. pay pal charged my account 10 different times and put me at neg 290 dollars then pulled the money out of my primary bank account of 368b. I deposited funds in that account that pay pal charged 10 times to pay my car payment not knowing I had any of these charges until my car payment bounce. Usaa refuses to refund me the remaing 6 that they owe me. I have called and they keep saying because the fraud department denied on 9/17 I cant be refunded. So my question is why did I receive letter from usaa saying they would refund insufficient funds fees for fraud activity on 10 12 and 10 13. So why can they refund those and not the other 6. You are stealing my money and I am highly upset that I keep getting the run around when in reality you already approved of some of the charges. If I never deposited that money I would not be in the whole. I am a mother of two that works hard for her money. I am treading water herer because almost 600 dollars was stolen. I tried to put a claim and was told I can't.


Hello and thank you for sharing your concern. I will forward your request to the appropriate department for review and they will follow-up with you to respond to your concerns. Thank you!