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Does it seriously take 8 days for a deposited check to clear?? I have no bank near me and can't wait 8 days to pay my bills.


T-Rex82, The majority of deposits are available immediately. However, like all banks, USAA sometimes places a hold on a member's deposit. This temporary hold protects the member and USAA from the growing threat of fraud. Holds can vary in length. A hold can be avoided through use of direct deposit instead of depositing a paper check. You can also visit the originating bank to cash a check. I hope this helps. ~Darcy

So if the app says it will hold it until the 12/28 then that is the expected clearance? How can I have the amount available increased? I have 3 checks a month that are paper and there is no way to have them direct deposited. So I will have to pay my bills late because it hold my money so long?
$200 out of $850 is not a majority of a deposit!!!

T-Rex82, Yes, the Deposit @ Mobile App will provide a message, telling our members how much of the check will be placed on hold and for how long. This gives our members the opportunity to cancel the deposit and cash the check another way, if necessary. Since you mentioned that your bills will be late, I recommend cashing the check with the originating bank, as we cannot increase the available amount. I regret any inconvenience this may cause. ~Darcy 

Actually the mobile app initially tells me that my deposit will be available immediately and then has the following statement "The exact amount of the available funds and the length of hold will be determined AFTER the deposit is submitted'.  I don't know if everyone gets this note, but everyone in our household does.  However, we all have high deposit limits so our funds are always available.   I have seen other members mention that the funds available and hold time are not really known until after the actual deposit is made.     I think that once you hit "deposit check" there is no going back and it is at this time that the member really finds out how much is on hold and for how long.   Please correct me if I am wrong. 

Ok well a checking account with USAA was very short lived!!!
I did get that notification NSueZ I'm just afraid that one I deposit it I will not be able to access it and if it takes 8 days a large majority of my bills will be late.
How do you get a high deposit limit??

NSueZ, When using the Deposit @ Mobile App, you will see the following verbiage if a hold will be placed on the deposit:

$xxx.xx Available Immediately

$xxx.xx will be on hold until xx/xx/xxxx

We implemented this change in January 2015 to give transparency to our members during the deposit process. At that point, the member can make the decision to cancel the deposit and cash the check another way, or they can budget accordingly. ~Darcy