Mobile App not working on older android version phones


The mobile app now no longer works on android phones running versions older than 4.4.  What the heck!?  My smartphone can't run that version so now I can't deposite checks anymore without driving 40 minutes round trip to the nearest UPS store.  While the app was buggy and crashed a lot for me before, at least I could use it with a measure of success.  





Thank you for posting in the Community. We regret to hear of your experience with our Mobile App. These updates are required for full functionality of all features on our Mobile Application. Without those updates, features such as Deposit@Mobile may not work.


We understand this matter is important to you. Your comments have been shared with our Member Feedback Teams for review.

Well, that's some interesting information. I use a pay as I go phone which is locked into Andriod v4.0.4 You just saved me the bandwidth I would have been charged for to download an app that wouldn't work on my phone.


Glad I'm not deployed and rely upon something like this app.

You know, the response that the USAA rep gave was coming out of the third point of contact.  Deposit@mobile was working on the old version, so why would it stop working?  I need to buy a new phone because of a lact of support from USAA?  It would seem that I am moving from the 92 percent to the 8 percent. 



Thank you for your message regarding the difficulties you are encountering with using the mobile app. We understand the importance of accessing your accounts with ease and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Per our December update, the latest operating system needed to run the USAA Mobile app is Android 4.4 4.3 or iPhone 8 7.0.4 and later versions.

As a workaround you may access through your phone's Internet browser. Additionally, we have submitted your feedback to our IT team for further review. We continually look for ways to improve the website and its features and your feedback helps us to do so. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us. -Paula



So now I need to purchase a new phone to meet that Android version? Since I only use my phone occasionally, it's not worth the expense to purchase a newer phone just to comply with this requirement. Yet another "benefit" I can't use.

Looks like the minimum API level for the current app on the play store is 21. This corresponds to Android Lollipop 5.0 released on November 12, 2014 - over 2 years ago.


If what @USAA Social Service posted is correct, and 4.3 is supported (perhaps using Play's multiple APK feature), that version of Android was released July 24, 2013 - over 3 years ago.


Here is some data from the android developer's dashboard that shows Android version distribution:


From this we see that supporting 5.0 and up covers roughly 58% (85% with 4.3 support) of all Android devices in the wild.


While it's frustrating to see support for your device end, please keep in mind that there are competing forces at work here - it's not as simple as "one day it worked, and now it doesn't".


As a developer, USAA has an interest in supporting as many devices as possible. At the same time, Google is continuously updating and improving Android. As Google makes updates, old ways of doing things (APIs) inevitably fall out of favor for either logical or security reasons. Even if older APIs are still supported by modern Android, supporting those legacy functions becomes a burden to the development team with costs in app performance and in engineering labor - which translates to real money. So it becomes a trade for the USAA engineering team: Do we spend $$$ to support legacy features for a small number of users, or, do we drop support for those devices and focus our resources on keeping up with Android and the majority of deployed Android versions?

Could they have set the API lower (say 15) and for any new feature not supported by the older API - that phone OS just wouldn't support that new feature (fancy font, view, button, or whatever)? I'm just looking to deposit, withdraw and pay a bill -
how much more stuff do you need to bog down a banking app? Keep all that crazy service stuff on the main site or create a USAA Insurance App separate from basic banking. The app should be tailored more to their basic banking customers I'd think then engineers playing actuaries trying to save a few bucks. I dont think this new update's security features would have pushed out us older legacy/frugal depositors. Kind of a bummer not being able to do a mobile deposit anymore, but I have NFCU and they still support my trusty Samsung 3 doing a mobile deposit.

I am using Android version 5.1, but the USAA Mobile app nevertheless no longer works (suddenly, without notice, as of about 3 days ago!).  I tried uninstalling it but when I try to reinstall (1) Google Play no longer offers the app via my phone and (2) when I try to download it going through the USAA website I get the cirtcle of death and and explanation that the mobile app is not compatible with my phone.


Your explanation is not only incorrect (re version of Android) but exceedingly unhelpful.  Sure, I can access USAA through my browser, but I can no longer deposit checks, for example.  It is rather cavalier of USAA - of which I have been a member for close to a quarter century - just to dump its users with an "o well, too bad for you" attitude.  I am very angry at this and will seek another bank that has a mobile app that works without my having to drop hundreds of dollars on a new phone.

@niles norodo, I'm sorry to hear of this and thank you for this feedback. I will have it submitted to the appropriate area for review. ~Sarah