I think it is unfair that many of us are being forced to upgrade phones just to access the mobile app. I have loved my USAA experience so far, but if this will be permanent, I will have to find another bank. How can a banking service, that's already primarily online, NOT give access to the mobile app to all members? I just got this phone, and I am not buying another. I'm unhappy about this.


@ArmyWife_Q  I certainly understand how frustrating this can be.  We regret to hear of your experience with the Mobil App. I have escalated your concerns for review and will reach back out with additional information.

Can you at least let us know what the minimum Android OS version is?  I can not seem to find this information.  For those of us that do not like to have a phone payment and other features of older phones, this will come in handy if we have to manually upgrade the OS.

Hello, the Android app is supported by Android 5.0 or later. ~ Samantha

The only thing wrong with my phone is USAA. I refuse to purchase a new one to get an app I shouldn't have lost access to. I feel for the deployed person who doesn't have access to a place to purchase a phone! I'd just as soon move all my accounts to another credit union or bank and will actually start that search right now. How dare USAA do this.

I'm using Android 5.0 on a Samsung Note 3. It stopped working after latest USAA app upgrade

@Sparqy, we realize how important it is to have access to your accounts through the app. To help you get this resolved, please contact our Website Support Team at 877-632-3002 and when prompted say "technical support." A specialist can provide assistance. Thank you! -Cynthia

My iPhone App update at least gives a warning that its not compatible with my device - very unlike USAA. However, I can't clear it from the list. It just stays listed as an App Store update.

@BobOD, I certainly understand your concern. Our Website Support team may be able to further troubleshoot this issue for you. When ready, you may contact them 24/7 at 1-877-632-3002. When prompted say "technical support" Thanks! ~ Stacy

Whomever is running this organization now is doing a urinatingly poor job.  The mobile app should not be such a problem to keep up and running for all to use.  Everyone should be able to talk to a tech on their time not the 8-5 time set by USAA.  My disgust with their total arrogant attitude will not written here.  When Gen McDermott ran the show this was a much better run instituiton and all the members knew that their best interests came first. Not just a television ad.