Missing W9 and now USAA is taking my money monthly and marking it as 'tax withheld'..??


USAA has started taking out 1 cent and 3 cents every month out of my accounts, due to a missing W9. I called and spent 30 minutes on the phone earlier today and was told to wait 15 minutes to login and a new form would be triggered for me to sign. Nothing is showing, adn I waited way more than 15 minutes and the USAA chat functionality that used to be so helpful has disappeared. I don't have time to sit on the phone for another 30 minutes. Please do whatever magic you need to do to get this W9 thing cleared up. Also, Why do I need one for EVERY account? I'm the same person attached to each account. Can't you use the same W9? This is silly.


@hh1015, we are sadden to read of your frustration. To resolve this matter, we would need to speak with you via phone.  I understand there are higher than normal hold times. You may have the system call you back.  We want to get this resolved for you.

No, you don't need to speak with me *again*, I already spoke to Gabby (who was very sweet, btw) this morning, starting at 10:37am PDT and lasting for 27 minutes and 1 second.  Please go look at her notes or whatever you need to do and fix this.  It's insane to me that you expect me to call again.  I have my own job. 

@hh1015, I completely understand how frustrating this is. Your W9 should be online. Please click on My Tools at the top of the website and then in the third column click on View My Documents. There you may need to scroll down to the Banking folder. If you do not see it there, click on the All folder. Hope this helps!   ~Tom

Thank you, Tom!   It is there now.  I printed it, filled it out and scanned it back in for you.  Your magic is much appreciated.  


@hh1015, Thank you for your understanding!!  Hope you have an awesome day!   ~Tom