I attempted to make a payment of $600 from my USAA Checking to my USAA Signature Visa early Tuesday morning via the mobile app. I am in Asia for work and my corporate card had been hacked from the British Airways website.

I got a notification that there was an error, that my payment had NOT been processed, and to try again later.

Upon landing in the next city, I logged in to attempt to pay again. I see that the money has been debited from the checking account but not credited on the Visa.

I call (at 25 cents per minute international charges) and am told it is a batching error, it will be fixed in an hour. This was not true.

Checking reps can see both that 600 payment and the second one (so I could actually sleep in a hotel rather than the street). Credit card reps can't seem to figure it out.

It has now been 3.5 days, 8 calls (totalling more than 50 dollars in international calling charges), and I am still out 600 dollars. I have been promised callbacks from managers, etc., but nothing has been done.

The worst part is the lack of urgency. This is purely an internal USAA issue, but they have no desire to resolve the fact that they effectively stole 600 dollars.

17 year member and now for the first time I will have to warn people away.


@RoadSquire, I can certainly understand your frustration with the recent issue encountered with the payments made to your credit card. I regret to hear this matter had not been resolved after numerous calls. I can assure you I will get this situation looked into for you and we will resolve this matter for you. Your concerns are being sent for further review. Thank you for reaching out to us for assistance. - Rhonda  

Quite frankly, I will believe it when I see it. I will happily post an update should this actually happen, but my faith that it will is rapidly approaching statistical insignificance.