I received a big check for selling a car, can I deposit it using the mobile app? What is the most money you can deposit per day using the mobile app?


Your daily maximum deposit amount can be found within the USAA Deposit@Home service.

Select "Show me my account numbers"

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Your accounts will display and underneath each account you will see "Daily Deposit Limit is $XXX"


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Is there a way to temporarily increase the amount listed for a special circumstance?

Hi tammy13,

If you give one of our member service specialists a call at 1-800-531-8722 they can look into your account details and will see what can be done! Thank you!

I had to Mail a 26K check!!!  This is unacceptable and ridiculous.  Since USAA severed ties with UPS, if I have a large check I have to mail it!  Seriously?  It is 2016!!!  I am a Real Estate Agent.  I will get big commission checks.  USAA needs to figure this out.  If I have to mail a check (how secure is that), everytime I have to make a deposit above my limit I will go to another bank.  Why did they sever ties with UPS without an alternative plan in place?  I got charged 36.00 to mail it next day.....and oh the irony....I mailed it from UPS.  FRUSTRATED.  

Jason in Vegas,

Thanks for reaching out in Community. To provide our members the most secure and innovative technology possible, we continuously evaluate the services we offer. The technology used within EasyDeposit doesn’t support future security upgrades. I regret your frustration with this situation. Please reach out to our bank if you have further questions or to review other possible options.  

Ok just to clarify.  If my daily deposit limit is 25k, can I a deposit a single check of 13k?


Thank you for posting in the Community! You may deposit any single check amount below your total daily deposit limit. Therefore, using your example, if you have a daily limit of $25,000, you can make a deposit of a single check for $13,000.

If you have additional questions regarding this matter, please contact a banking specialist at 1-800-531-8722. 

I have an investment check for $38,000 and I can't deposit it any other way other than through the mail. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! If that check is lost, I lose $38,000 which is a horrifying prospect. You guys are an internet based bank, with virtually no actual buildings. How can you have these kinds of limits? Especially for long term customers. I've been with USAA for over 20 years and am SERIOUSLY considering moving my business elsewhere at this point. I am absolutely FURIOUS right now that I am asking for help, but not getting any.

Hey there, Flygirl996.  Let me have a look at the limit...bear with me one moment.