I am currently a member at USAA and have been for several years.  My husband and I married in 2018.  Can my husband open a seperate checking account due to my membership?  We do not have joint accounts as of now.


Congratulations on your marriage @gonz.vm! I'm happy to help. You may add your husband to your profile and he may create his own login ID and open a separate checking account. To add him to your profile, select your name in the upper right side of the page, click on Profile & Preferences and select Add Family Member. Please let me know if we can be of further assistance. Tricia

Adding him to my profile, will that add him to my checking account?  We cannot have a joint account.

Hi there, great question @gonz.vm.  He can certainly open his own account, once his membership has been established.  You do not need to have a joint account. In addition, adding him on your profile does not add him to your account as that is a different set of steps to take to complete. 

Thank you!  How does he create a login ID and seperate account with his new member ID?

Once you have added him to your profile, a member number will be generated for him. He will use the member number to register on usaa.com.  He will visit usaa.com and select that option to register at the top of the page and follow the prompts.