Loyal Member for 18+ years and you are holding our deposits now?!

Lizzie K

Dear USAA,


Your service has taken a nose dive since opening up your membership so widely. You had a niche in the market that no one else could fill but you. Your impeccable service was legendary by banking standards, but you grew too fast and your standards suffered. Now those of us who have been loyal to you for a long time are paying the price. Is the growth worth losing so many long time members? I have been with you for 18+ years. We have our checking, savings, credit cards, insurance, and investments through you. I have regularly been depositing my husbands check every couple of weeks for the last 4 years with no holds and no problems. Now this week you place a random hold on our deposit for 7 days?! I worked in banking for 10 years and am very familiar with the regulations. USAA is erring on the exceedingly cautious side with their holds and their customers are paying for it. You are losing the personal touch you once had, and letting automated systems do the work for you. This will cost you dearly if not kept in check, your members will not be happy. When I called the help line, the rep told me to find a local bank to bank with instead! Seriously?! That is stellar service and an excellent way to do business! Are you kidding me?! He also told me they are instructed to never remove holds. You should really have supervisors in these situations that can assess on a case by case basis when it comes to your loyal, long time members. I am very disappointed in USAA right now.


Hello @LizzieK, I have responded to your previous message. Please review at your convenience, I have shared your feedback as well. -Emily