I want to withdraw cash from checking for a purchase. We have just moved to Macomb, IL and are looking for a bank that we could withdraw the cash without opening a new account or an institution that would allow us to cash a check. Thanks.


Hello @Drew2002! Your debit card does have a daily cash advance withdrawal limit of $1,000 per day. You can walk into any local bank that allows cash advances and ask if they could do one for you. Most banks do not require you to have an account with them to process a cash advance. The limit would be based upon their guidelines, so you may have to use more then one bank. You can always call the local bank and ask if they allow cash advances for individuals that do not have an account with them and what their limits are. Hope this helps! -Colleen

Could the $1000 limit be temporarily raised? I will check on the local banks' policies for cash advance. Thanks.

Yes if you do have the available funds in your account we are able to review for a temporary increase. Once you are ready to do this please send us a private message. To send this please go to the top right corner and under the drop down menu, select the envelope. On the next page you will see "Send New Message" thanks. -Colleen