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Am I the only one that cannot LOGON to my account by cyber token? Cannot get any response why or what's going? Unable to login using cyber token , called three times and it's been three days , still CANNOT gain access to my account and getting no answers from usaa?


We certainly don't want to inconvenience you Bhmtaa, and thanks for posting in our Member Community.  Our website support team is the specific area that will help with the cyber token.  Please do contact that area since this is still happening.  They can be reached directly by calling:  1-877-632-3002.  When prompted the reason for calling say, "technical support".  Thanks for your time today, and for your membership with USAA.  -  Justin

Did all the above and was promised the issue would be fixed * still not working ! CANNOT LOGON --this issue now going on for 5 days and nothing from usaa except run around answers and unfulfilled promises!
Enhanced security is a great benefit however it has to work and when it doesn't there has to be an alternative . As well as having experienced cyber tech's to fix the issues. Not being able to gain access to one's account for going on 5days is more than ridiculous!

I'm sorry to hear that the issue hasn't been fixed, yet, Bhmtaa. Our technical group is the one that would need to address this. Please contact them directly by calling 1-877-632-3002 for assistance. When you're prompted, you will need to say “technical support” to reach the correct group. - Cathleen 


Cannot log into my account. So frustrating.  Sometimes I can, others not.  

Oh no! @Artist11, please contact us at 877-632-3002 so that we can get you back online! ~ Samantha 

I don't have a Token or any other way to log on other than my browser, but all I've been getting for the past 2-hours or so is

BAD REQUEST - But WAIT!!!!  It just started working for me!  So I'm goood now!!!!





@Kaina, I am glad it has started working. Thank you for reaching out. ~ Suzy