Well today I had to call USAA to ask about a payment deferment on my auto loan. I've had the loan for 2 of the 6 years and have never missed a payment. I've used the grace period but never outright missed one. I've also had a previous auto loan and paid it off.


My last payment was due July 15. Today is the 24th. I'm in the grace period and realized that even with my upcoming check I was going to fall short or making the payment and still feed my kids and having gas to get to work. I explained to the rep that I was currently training for a salaried management position that I am scheduled to get in September and that I just needed to defer the July payment and I would be fine. Evidentely, you have to be current on your loan (grace period doesn't count) before they will help. 


I'm just venting but the USAA mission statement states that they want "to facilitate the financial security of its members, associates and their families...". I'm not 6 months behind and facing repossession. I'm 9 days late and needed a little help to make it to next month. Thanks USAA


formerflyboy - I understand your frustration but appreciate your feedback. Please know that your comments will be shared and will help us improve future service. Thanks for reaching out to voice your opinion today. - Jason

Same issue. Im only 4 days past due date. Wasn't sure if I would need one until I saw what my short term disability was going to pay. Still no help. Been a member for more than 15 years. Truly disappointed in their service.

@Neothompson, Thank you for reaching out to us in our Member Community. I will be forwarding your post for review. Once review is completed you will be contacted. Thank you,  ~ Suzy

I feel your pain formerflyboy, I've been out of work for a month dealing with my service connected disabilities. I have to choose paying my bills or feeding and sheltering my family. All I needed was an extra month or two to get back on my feet. Now I get to sit and stew.
Thanks USAA for not helping me once again on an issue even after being a member for many years. I know I've been good to you, and this is the thanks that I get.

@Kysar, I'm sorry to hear that we were not able to provide you with the solution you were searching for. Please know that we may have other options for you, to help during this time. Please send us a private message or call us at 1-800-531-8722 so we can explore further. - Janay

Other options? No, you all have nothing to offer aside from harassing phone calls everyday reminding me of what I already know. USAA has shown that they do not give any cares about veterans.

Kysar, I'm sorry to hear the option we offered in June were not what you were seeking. If you would like to discuss the situation again, I would encourage you to contact us at 210-531-8722 and speak with our loan department. ~Michelle 

I have been with USAA 20 years and I do still get the same treatment. I do have a rental and get penalized for it even it pays itself. I thought those who have served ( Executives: May be you will look at here and fix the problems ) would understand their brothers and sister with less than perfect financial state. Robots should not make credit decisions as ever case is unique.

Over six figures of deposits does not mean much  to USAA. USAA is taking each of us as granteed. Its is time to say something even it does affect as we never a fallen brother or sister behind. shelfishness must end at some point

I intend to join Navy Federal.

@BADDEALS, I understand your concerns and have forwarded your information to a subject matter for review. -Colleen