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I've been an extremely loyal customer for years now. Don't think we've ever missed a payment and your service has been excellent. However, I was disheartened on a few of our loans recently to find lower interest rates from other vendors. USAA primarily serves as our central banking, except for business and Trust Fund accounts. We may have to fall into that lull where we assume that we go with USAA instead of checking into others. We have Credit card balances with a $0 balance (ironically this hurts your credit report), but we believe it's better to have it and not need it than not to have it and need it. We bought our son a car for Christmas, USAA approved us for $75,000 (crazy) but we used about $15,000. $5K down, $5K charged (6% back, thanks AMEX, and paid immediately), and financed $5k for 24 months with USAA. Now I want a truck to replace 1996, and you offer me a loan for 8% and Lending Tree gives me a quote for 5+%. What the heck, Lending Tree doesn't know me from a hole in the ground but USAA knows us. You have our business and our accounts. I could have bought a truck that I don't want at 0% for 60 months and got a truck, I don't wish to but be cheaper. The latest credit check has me at 725, trying to get to the impossible 800 but that's probably like the unicorn. The point being, dynamically offer your programs. We're paying attention, I love USAA and wouldn't want that to change and falsely assumed you'd provide the best rates available based on score, but am finding out that's not the case. So now, I'm aware. If you seek to be great, be great and ahead of the curve. Tell me when there is a better interest rate possible for us rather than me finding it. Then you'll have me hook, line, and sinker. 


We appreciate your loyalty and thank you so much for considering us first for your banking and financing needs. Certainly it is our goal to try and offer our members the most competitive rates to meet your financing needs. I'm sorry this was not the case for your most recent loan request. We will ensure the feedback you provided is reviewed by the appropriate department. Your feedback will us to make improvements in the future to ensure we have the best value and best annual percentage rates for members like yourself. Thank you for contact us.