Limited functionality on non-military member spouse's accounts?

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I have all of these neat budget features in my accounts menus - my spouse has barely anything. When she goes into her checking or savings accounts she can't even see Scheduled Transactions or Projected Balance above the main Transactions History box. Pending balance transfers or bill pays don't show up either. Does anybody else have this issue?
I've spent hours on the phone with USAA and they have no clue how to solve this problem. The best they can say is that NON MILITARY MEMBERS are not offered the same features as military members. It's that simple.


Account reps send me over to tech support, tech support has no clue what I'm talking about.


As stated previously - there's no option for joint or otherwise family members to view "Scheduled Transactions" or "Projected Balance." 


The Budget pages are completely limited and offer almost no functionality that resembles military members' account options on those same pages.


The only way to solve this is to completely delete the non-military member's account, USAA member number, etc. and register anew not as a dependent or spouse. Not exactly sure if this is possible, but that's my next step.


Nobody can resolve this. They simply do not allow spouses the same options and functionality as main military members' accounts.


I don't know how many times I have to call in and be forwarded to somebody or another, but this is unacceptable. Why are you limiting my spouse's view of scheduled transactions???? Even a scheduled bill-pay doesn't show up. What's going ON??


All she wants to see is "Scheduled Transactions" above "Transaction History." Where is the switch for this? There is no option in the app either - it doesn't exist!!!


Hello @SoCal_ATC, I do understand your concerns. I have forwarded this on to a subject matter expert. Once reviewed they will be in contact with you. -Colleen