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Called USAA to report my car loan  has been paid off 31 Dec 2018. I have a new car purchase in work as of last week. When will my loan  release letter arrive. The dealer can use that to take in my trade. I need it soonest. I was told by USAA it would arrive within 3-4 days. Looking for some assistance if able. Thanks. Living in Germany. My car loan is approved. The dealer needs the loan release to move forward.

Thanks, Dave


Congratulations on getting the car paid off, @DWL3 - You can obtain a copy of the letter by going to your Online Documents. Simply click on My Tools and select View Documents. Then, locate the document titled Vehicle Payoff Letter. You can then print it out and provide it to whoever needs it for completion of your new purchase. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions. - Cathleen

Copy and thanks. Was in my documents earlier and did not see it. Will check again. Many  thanks for the support USAA has given me in the military and my post military life. Cheers!  Have a good New Year as well :)

Cathleen just checked. No letter is posted. I have insurance on the vehicle now and that is the last document posted.

My sincere apologies @DWL3, I have found what the issue is. Can you please check again? Under view documents>all documents. Thank you! -Emily

I see it and thank you!  :)

Do you know when I will recieve the MSO paperwork. Never titled as I am in Germany. USAA was lienholder of course and now I have my letter of lien release. USAA rep said possibly this week I would have US mail to my overseas APO with this documentation.


Thanks for the earlier assist with the lien release letter,





Thanks for the follow up, @DWL3 - For detailed info on the MSO, I invite you to initiate a secure chat session with a representative. Due to security and privacy restrictions, I'm not able to provide specific account details or information via social media. You can click the Ask USAA link in the upper right corner of the Account Summary screen to reach us. We have representatives available 24/7 to assist. - Cathleen