Mr. Parker

have been a member for nearly 30 years. In fact, I was born in San Antonio because my father worked for USAA. Until now, I have always been an extremely proud member of USAA. However, the events of the last three weeks have caused me to lose faith in USAA. It all began with a fraudulent check written and attempted to be cashed. Fortunately, I was a signer on a business account at the bank, and the bank called me directly to verify the check. Of course, I told the bank it was fraudulent and not to cash the check. I immediately called USAA to close the account.


Now, nearly a month later and five extremely long frustrating calls with USAA and the bank account is closed. Honestly, it’s too frustrating to walk through the entire mess. But, I want to highlight several major flaws with your system and process. First, I had a supervisor completely lie to me, tell me my issue was being escalated and handled by a team of experts. Then, as I think she is transferring me to that team, she disconnects the phone. I called back and said I’d like to talk with the supervisor who was working on my case. You had no record of me even calling. So, again, I had another a very long conversation only to get me to the place again of you not being able to close my account even though someone was trying to cash fraudulent checks every day from the account. Finally, I was told the issue was taken care of. Of course, it was not. Again, two days later, I call back. Last time I was smart enough to ask for the employee ID. However, when I called, I was told there was no way to contact with the id that I was given. Again, with no record of what my previous calls had worked on, we went through a very long conversation trying simply to just close the account. Again, I was assured it would be resolved within 24 hours. Here, it’s now, 3 days later. And, again, I had to call in to close the account.


Then, I took the information USAA gave me to the police. The police said we needed to know where all the checks was attempted to be cashed. I called back and you said USAA does not have that information. I told the police this, they said, “you need to switch banks.” I am sure you can imagine how concerning this news was.


I can only image what would have happened if these people would have actually been able to cash the checks and deplete my bank account.


About a year ago, I had the very same situation happen with my business account with a local bank. It was a simple process of freezing the account, closing it, and opening a new account.  


Futhermore, it doesn’t help a year ago, unfortunately, I had to switch to a different our auto insurance away from USAA. Our son got his drivers license and the exact same comparable coverage with three other major carriers were anywhere from 30-60% less than USAA.  I couldn’t understand how the rates could be so different.


This week, I searched for ways to talk with someone at USAA to address my terrible experience. I even tried to reach out through Twitter. Again, I was disappointed. Immediately after I Tweeted, I got the standard message back, your message is very concerning, private message us your contact information and we will call you.


Now, four days later, no one has called even after reaching out three more times with a direct Twitter message.

There was a time when you called USAA and you and the friendliest helpful people that would stay on the line until they found a solution to the issue. That level of service is clearly in the past.  Honestly, I would have expected this type incident from the big corporations. I think all this upset me because I thought USAA was different. 


Concerned Member #10,


We appreciate you taking the time to reach out and share your feedback. USAA is committed to providing our members world class customer service on every interaction. We regret to hear this is not what you encountered.

I have taken this opportunity to share your concerns regarding your recent attempts to close an account as well as your feedback on your son's insurance experience to a colleague for review. They will reach out to discuss and address your concerns. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss and resolve your concerns. Thank you. -Gus

Gus - What's your direct email address please so that when my letter is finalized - my letter which explains how USAA has just lied to me and ruined me financially - I will be able to send it to you directly? Thank you. 

figgiefiggie, your concerns are very important to us, and we want to review and address them with you. I have located your information and am engaging the appropriate area for review and follow-up. A business specialist will reach out to you to discuss your concerns. Your membership and financial security are valued, and we regret the disappointment this has caused. -Meredith



@honey111, I see that you submitted several posts tonight. We responded to your initial post moments ago. Please review that message at your convenience. Thank you. ~DC

Hi - We have been trying for months to get resolution on a BillPay mortgage payment that did not go through.  Every time I call or chat (1 hour or more each time) no one knows any past history and we go on and on without resolution.  The payment is over $2000 the mortgage company says they have not recieved - I can't email anyone, I upload docs and they say they do not go through for several days.  I have begged and begged for someone to review all the calls, notes, chats, disucssions and call me 903-388-4983.   They all say they will escalate - still nothing.  The payment was made a year ago - I have been a member for 20-30 years :-(  what is up?  Lisa Lott (Capt Nold)

Yep!  I had similar issues with the USAA investment team. 


If they change policies and procedures WITHOUT UPDATING the website, they should honor what it says.  Instead they treat you like you are the idiot for not knowing about their changes.


They seem to treat general officers much better than enlisted an NCO's.


Not exactly what thier TV ads say about 60 years of serving members and having our needs as their priority.


I've moved the retirement accounts and am still frustrated that they don't honor "their committments" and "their published procedures".


Mr. Parker has a team he assigns all the emails to. He doesn't follow up with anyone and you can't speak to him.


I've tried as well!!

USAA closed our investment accounts for no reason last week (credit cards too).  My wife and I work for the US dept of State at the US Embassy in Jakarta.  USAA is also closing our savings and checking accounts, even our 5 month old's youth savings account.  No reason given, no aplogies.  We have done nothing wrong and have banked with USAA for years.  We both have 800+ credit scores.  CLosing my investment accounts has serious tax implications...LEt alone all the trouble we have to go through to re-establish the accounts with another instituion (while we are in Indonesia - 11 hours ahead of EST)!

My experience exactly. Reps who lie, cut you off, act as if they have never heard your case, why all the recording of calls if they don't use this feature for better service. At first I thought USAA is just sloppy. But I now believe it is deliberate. Terrible u ethical company. Don't think they will last long. Perhaps it is the news CEO. I don't recall.it being this bad years ago.......They say a fish rots from the head down.