I have received a 1099-R statement from American Funds that shows a gross distribution of some $51,632.  No federal income tax was withheld. 

I have no recollection of this distribution, but I'm 78 years old and am not quite as sharp as I used to be.  My question is, "Did USAA receive such a distribution?"  If yes, was I informed somehow?  If not, tell me how to proceed.  Thanks.


Colonel William Andrew Hesser, USMC ret'd

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Hello @Andy38, thank you for reaching out! I will forward your inquiry to a specialist for further assistance. ~ Sam 

@Andy38, Thank you for your patience!   


In this forum, for security, we are unable to see whether or not that distribution was received here at USAA. Please chat or call in to 800-531-8722 so a rep can check. I would also highly recommend contacting American Funds.


Thank you for you membership and have a great week!   ~Tom