I and many members are receiving unsolisted phone calls from LQ Digital which are bascially a marketing ploy set up by USAA.  LQ Digital is calling members as I am reading via cell phones which means LQ Digital has access to our personal information.


I can't speak for other members but for over 45 years I have relieved upon USAA Insurance and Financial services and I must say my confidence in the company is dropping exponentially.  


Posting complaints to this board are really not doing the job.  Nothing personal but the staff here are overwhelmed and unfortunately not capable to resolve the major complain - "We don't want to hear from 3 party marketers and very chagrined that any 3rd Party would have asscess to our personal information.


I am in the process and I suggest it to others, in contacing the CEO Member Relations directly via certified letter.


USAA Board of Directors

9800 Fredricksburg Rd

San Antonio TX 72288

Att: CEO Member Relations


I can only speak for myself and I don't believe in threats, however I shall be informing that individual that this is a problem that affects all members, remind them as a Mutual Benefit company we are in fact the owners, and suggest that they stop giving personal information to any 3rd Party markets or I shall indeed close all accounts - Banking, Investment and Insurace after 45 years.


The practice of supplying any one outside of USAA with any of our personal information must stop.


Most Sinderely,


G*** A****

Sioux Falls, SD


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Hi Walleyizer! We always value customers who are keen to give us their feedback. I'll engage one of our business partners to research this matter for you. They'll be in direct contact with you to further address your concerns. Thank you. ~ Stacy

Walleyizer (Opens a pop up layer) -- Thank you for the address, I will also be sending a letter. Despite all of my contact and marketing preferences being set appropriately, I was cold-called today by 877-627-2811. There are member complaints on this board about LeadQual (LQ Digital)  going back several years, and yet they still continue their sleazy practices.


I have been a member of USAA for 12 years now, not near as long as Walleyizer. I too am very disappointed and concerned with a corporate mindset that ignores our stated preferences in order to chase profits. Many of us came to USAA seeking a refuge from that type of behavior.

Blacksheep, I certainly appreciate you sharing your thoughts with and being our tenured member. I'll also share your concerns with the appropriate area to help us improve our services for you.  Thank you for your continued patience. ~ Stacy

I am also frustrated that I recieved a  call from this company. An extremely unprofessional-sounding employee called asking about my wife's information. The moment they said they were calling on behalf of USAA, I thought an email account or something must have been hacked and this was some sort of scam. I'm extremely surprised - in a bad way - that USAA was complicit in this call. We are all sensitive about our privacy and data given the depth of recent hacks at high profile companies.


Whatever you have to do to end relations with this agency, do it. If they can't put forth the effort to make their customer-facing employees sound professional, what makes you think their IT team has good data practices? Clearly they're lacking in the talent department.


Chris1231, I am sorry to hear of the experience you and your wife had. We want our members to always have a positive experience.  I have shared your feedback with the appropriate area for review. - Janay 

I received a call today from LQ Digital posing as USAA... they asked me to "verify" my information.  


This is slimy anti-consumer behaviour and a long-standing USAA member – this should NEVER happen.  

@grassy_751 This isn't how we want you to feel and I have shared your comments with our research and marketing departments. ~Michelle 

Today is 4/9/2018 and I called USAA to report my getting a call from 877-627-2811 just this morning on my cell phone. I do not pick up numbers I do not recognize. The caller said she was calling me [by name] and understood that I was looking into life insurance. Wrong. I already have it...through USAA!!!!!


I called USAA and spoke with the Fraud unit, "Jamie" was my CSR, and she tried calling this number. The business identified itself as LQ DIgital. It wanted info about me and Jamie declined. They told her that if I want to be off their call list, I have to call them myself...like that will ever happen! Ha.


I have blocked the number on my cell phone but I agree with all those complaining that USAA MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS as I DO NOT WANT MY PERSONAL INFO being given out like this.


Thanks for listening!

@USCG Aux 49, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I certainly understand your concerns. As we serve the financial needs of military members and their families, we team up with agencies like LQdigital to assist with answering your questions about USAA products. They never sell any of your information and adhere to the highest privacy requirements instituted by USAA.  If you no longer wish to be contacted, you can change your personal preferences at your convenience by following these steps:

  1. Select the arrow by your name in the top corner of the page.

  2. Select "Profile & Preferences."

  3. Select "Marketing & Privacy"

  4. Review and update your preferences.

Please allow up to three business days for the updates to take effect. We also create our calling and mailing lists in advance, so please allow six weeks for it to stop.


For more information on how you can protect your accounts and identity, visit our Security Center. If you have questions or need help, call us at 1-877-762-7256. We're available to help you every day, 24/7. ~ Stacy