Like many people on this venue, I've been a member for well over 30 years, 34 to be exact, and during this time you get used to good service. As of late, the Good service is no longer there and all I get is "Bank Speak" as answers to my questions.
Here's my story and sorry if it's long. I was proud to join USAA back in 81 as a newly minted Warrant Officer, it was a status symbol back then. At that time I had a good credit union where my military pay was going and I didn't want to upset the cycle, so I kept my pay going there. I've had them since 77. Fast forward to today and keeping both banks is a form of protection. I only use the USAA cards for transactions so that all my money at the other bank is safe. Nothing from that account goes out to anyone, no checks, no debt card, nothing. So hacking it would be next to impossible due to my mistake. I transfer money between the banks. For the entire time that I've been transferring money I've never had a hold put on the money. I've transferred large amounts consecutive days (have you seen dental bills lately) and still no problems. So my last transaction was not nearly the largest I've done, was put on hold. Ok, USAA policy says they will notify me if that's done, they didn't. I had to find out when a transaction was denied. Second, I have more than enough money in the USAA savings account to cover the amount being transferred. Third, the money has been taken out of my other bank. So my money is gone from my other bank and it's still on hold as I write this at USAA. I know they say policy is this and that, but why now. No one at USAA can tell me. I've done this for as long as they have had EFTs, so it's not like this is a new thing for my account. I also have enough money in a USAA account to secure the transfer if needed. No one can tell me why this was done and they keep saying the policy. So my money disappears for a week and no one can tell me why after all these years. It's so frustrating. Now each transaction is an OD transfer out of my savings account. Couldn't they just secured the funds from that account and let things go normal like they have for the last 34 years. I guess I'll just have to go back to a one bank systems, guess which one it's going to be if I do that?


I don't understand what's happening. You are using the USAA function to pull money from your account at another bank  to USAA?


I do that quite often and always USAA makes the money available in my account immediately.  Not sure if they do the same for all.  

I do the same transfers twice a month. I hope that there is no problem. I would hate to have to go medevial on the place.

Dear Noidzone,

A banking specialist will be reaching out to you personally to discuss in detail what you are experiencing.


Thank you for taking he time to comment here in the community.