It doesn't do any good to increase my transfer limit if you're going to hold the additional funds

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I've been a member for around 25 years. I'm self employed, and for all that time, I have been paying my bills on the first of the month, and then transferring my salary in from my business account to cover them. In that entire time, funds have always been immediately available, and there was never a problem. But now the amount I'm transferring has frequently risen about my daily transfer limit, so for several months I was having to transfer my salary over two days. I called USAA last month and they agreed to raise my transfer limit. So this month, I go to transfer the funds, and everything above my previous limit is being held for EIGHT days!!! After never having a hold for 25 years. Same accounts, same everything. So now I'm having to juggle money around to try to cover the bills I already paid. If I had known this would happen, I would have just done my usual and transferred over two days. I called for help, and a very earnest young man basically said "sorry, there's nothing I can do."


I already switched my insurance away from USAA after last year's MedPay debacle.  The ease of transfer was all that was keeping me on the banking side.  But now I'm looking at other options.


@Dodey4Life, I can certainly understand how this would be a trying situation. While all deposits and transfers to an account are subject to a hold, previous transfers may have been released from a hold based on consistent timing, amount, etc. For security, when a new transfer is processed that is significantly different from previous transfers, there is the possibility of that hold being placed. I've submitted your feedback to the appropriate department. Thank you for your longtime membership. ~Holland

Thanks, I appareciate your help. 
And, for the record, the only difference from other transfers is that it is around $1500 higher, consistent with the new limit I requested last month.

Aaaand, it happened again this month. The same amount transferred as last month, so it is no longer "significantly different than my usual."  And yet, holding everything over 5K for seven days. I'm the one who requested the increase.  And again, the increase does me no good if you're going to hold the funds. I'm very close to New Year, New Bank . . .

@Dodey4Life, I understand holds can be an inconvenience and I can assure you this is never our intent. As with many financial institutions, we place deposit holds to ensure funds are collected upon before the full deposit amount is made available on the account. You can always set up transfers directly from your external bank to USAA to avoid holds. -Colleen

I went 25 years without a single hold, and now suddenly you're worried about collecting funds from the same bank?

@Dodey4Life, holds can be placed at any time per the Depository Agreement. I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment. I've submitted your feedback to the appropriate team for consideration. Thank you. ~Holland