Good evening

i was in Hong Kong and  Shenzhen China June of 2017 and was unable to retrieve cash at most atms.  Is this resolved now?  Or is usaa still  having issues in Asia?   I found a few atms that took the card but they are not convenient to my location.   




Hello and thank you for your inquiry. We are certainly sorry to you are experiencing challenges using your card overseas. From what we know sometimes merchants and ATM networks in overseas locations have not updated their systems as quickly as we’d like, and this can prevent members’ cards from being accepted. Hopefully you will not experience this issue in the future. If for some reason you run into this issue again while you are traveling, please send us the last four digits of the card, the merchant’s name, the name of the financial institution listed on the ATM if applicable, and the transaction date/time and dollar amount so we can see what assistance we can offer. Thank you so much for contacting us and we wish you safe travel in the future.