Is there an ACH number I can use for my payroll deposit, instead of an ABA routing number?


My employer offers two options for direct deposit:  ABA routing number or ACH number.  I could only find an ABA number on the website.  Is there an ACH number I can use?  This will save me transfer fees.


Thank you.
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Hello @MissAuntPatty, the ABA and ACH number would be the same. I have not heard of payroll charging fees for direct deposit, I would recommend contacting your HR for clarification. Also, when setting up direct deposit, I always recommend verifying your account number has been inputted correctly to prevent any possible delays for payment! Please let us know if you have any additional questions! ~ Samantha


Hey! I work for VIPKID too, and I came accross your post because I am having the same problem! Can you tell me how you resolved this issue with with Usaa/Vip? They said my ACH number needs to be updated? And the bank is telling me it's the same as the ABA number. Many thanks!!!

DId you guys figure it out? I am filling my info out for VIPKID now and I was wondering the same thing. Please advise! Thanks!

Hello @BranDeBee and MissAuntPatty!  I am sorry for the confusion and will be happy to clarify. The "ABA" number for ACH deposits or withdrawals is the same as the routing: 314074269.  I took the liberty of uploading a direct deposit form for both of you. This form will be available in My documents in approximately 5 minutes.  Let me know if you have any other questions.  ~JM