Is there a plan to add check depositing to the website from a PC similar to the mobile app?


You all have stopped supporting every device I own. I have a phone, an iPad, and a Kindle Fire. The Fire was given to me and is very new. You don't support the Fire, you quit supporting my phone (which is older) and my iPad (which is also older). I'm not spending money to get a new device just so I can use your services. You used to be a great company but I've found you harder and harder to work with. Unless there are plans to add additional features to the website interface, I am moving away from USAA. I already have a second checking account with another bank because of my dissatisfaction with your continued lack of concern for those who prefer not to spend money on replacing gadgets like the rest of the mindless consumers. 


@Raena, I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us. It's never our intent to make you feel this way. Please allow me to be our advocate and share this matter with the appropriate area to further address this with you. Thank you for your continued patience and allowing us this additional opportunity to address your concerns. ~ Stacy

Has there been any update on this?

Hi @Reana - I can certainly understand your concern with your older devices. Please know that you can access the mobile site from older devices by going to rather than using the app, which does require an updated OS. Lastly, there is an option to use the website to complete a deposit. You do need a scanner, but simply click on My Tools and select Make a Deposit. Then, scroll down to Deposit@Home, and click the Get Started button. Finally, read the steps and follow the prompts. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns. - Cathleen

Thank you for looking into this, Cathleen. I am still closing this account not because you didn't resolve this issue for me or because you weren't great but because I called in yesterday for help with something while I was driving and it tried to text message me a verification code. I got past it and spoke to a rep and they wanted to send me an email. The point of calling is that I'm driving and should not be distracted by trying to read a verification code to your IVR. USAA has changed so much in the past couple of years. As a company, you have taken security to an obscenely ridiculous level. I'm sorry we no longer see eye to eye on what a good banking experience is. I hope you all find success with those that want to submit to the kind of big brother banking your company is now providing. Thank you again for all of your help with an alternative to the app solution. I just wanted to leave a comment making it clear that it's not the service I receive from Customer Service at USAA that is driving me away. Your Customer Service team is great. It is the decisions made at the upper levels that have made USAA an unsavory company to do business with.

We appreciate your feedback, @Raena and I'm sorry to hear that we lost your business in regards to your banking needs. We take feedback seriously and I will certainly share your concern with the appropriate area. Tricia