Is integrity no longe a value in USAA's Executive Offices?

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Last month my wife had an issue with a pre-approved credit card application and contacted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  On June 18, Albert Garcia of the USAA sent an e-mail stating he would be in touch within 2 business days to discuss the issue.  


We are now approaching 11 business days and the promised call has yet to materialize.  Calls to him have proven unsuccessful and messages not returned.  My wife sent a message to him via the USAA website which has also not been responded to.  On July 2, a call was placed to the Executive Resolutions Office and we were told that Mr. Garcia was on the line with another member and they would send him an e-mail and he would contact us by the following day.  That, also, never happened.  


Were someone in my unit to fail their committments in this manner, I guarantee they would have a cute little Article 15 decorating their service record book.  


@FullBird, I regret to hear a follow up has not been made with you regarding your concerns. This is not the type of service we wish to provide for our members. Please be assured I will forward your post to the appropriate team for further review. A follow up will be made with you. Thank you. - Rhonda