I have been a USAA member for 35 years and banking for 31 years. Over the last 5 years their customer service has been steadily deteriorating which seems to coincide with their increased marketing. All of the poor service I have had has been with the banking division.

1) I refanced my house a few years ago; it was a horrible experience with exceedingly poor service.

2) Bad service on a car loan- since paid off

3) Credit card service- fraud issues; not easy to resolve

The common bottom line is it always takes a gaunlet to get through to resolve an issue; well you think is resolved but when you find out it isn't; rinse and repeat the gauntlet. No names are ever given- no names means no one is held responsible.

Since USAA does not have a physical facility they need to have better customer service.

For almost three decades I highly recommended USAA; now I go out of my way to steer people awayl

Do not begin a bank account with this company!



TennVol, I appreciate you taking the time to post your assessment about your customer service experience. This is definitely disappointing to hear and regret the service has not met your expectations. I will share your comments with our team. Feedback is taken very seriously and utilized to help us improve our products and services. - Ben

I am a 30+ year USAA member. I agree that sadly, USAA's impeccable service standards have declined significantly in recent years. I have noticed it most in the Banking division. In the past, if you called USAA with an issue, which was a rare occurrence in itself, it was resolved immediately. Now, it appears the staff are very new and woefully inexperienced. You typically have to wait on hold for several minutes while they attempt to learn from someone else what to advise you. Today, I called for the second time about a request to reverse a duplicate $3300 payment I made on my credit card account. Yesterday I was told the issue was corrected. But today I found that only half the transaction posted. They reversed the additional payment, but did not return the funds back to my checking account. After much time on hold, the banking rep advised that it could take a couple of days for the transaction to complete, so I should just check again tomorrow and call them a third time if I still thought there was a problem. Only then will they consider looking into the issue. And this is just one of many similar incidents this past couple of years. I am astonished at the decline in USAA employee standards. Once in awhile you can still reach one of the seasoned employees who are extremely professional, intelligent, and expert in their knowledge of their areas of work. I truly hope USAA will soon take notice of the numerous member complaints, cull all of the unqualified staff they have hired, and return to the their previous high standards that made us all proud to be USAA members.

GardnerB, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Based on the information you provided, it appears we were not providing you with the correct processing time expectations. I'm sorry this was not provided to you at the time the reversal request was submitted.

With a payment reversal request, the reversal may take 2-10 business days for processing. Once completed, you will see the payment reversed on your credit card and the payment deposited back into your funding account. I sent you an email with additional details regarding your specific account information. -Marisa

Oh no, GardnerB! Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. This is definitely not the service you deserve as a member. I'll be forwarding your concerns to one of my colleagues to further review and they'll be in direct contact with you to discuss in greater depth. ~ Stacy

I agree. USAA is not what it used to be. Very disappointing. We've been scammed twice in the past year by the banking department.
I agree with the comments about the BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE and the nightmares Military Customers have to-put-up-with from USAA as a whole, and specifically the Banking department. I am currently in the throes of dealing with unqualified credit reductions limits. These reductions have blind-sided me and ruined plans for future capital purchase plans. I am very disgusted and highly disappointed with the cavalier and indifferent way USAA has, and is, treated me.

Kawika Keoe, I see that you have posted twice tonight. I responded to your initial message moments ago. Please review that message at your convenience. Thank you. ~Darcy

Darcy, do you have a problem with the number of times I post the truth on your site?? Are you going to taddle to "Briana" of THE USAA Gestapo about me?? You people are pathetic...!!!
‪@USAA has put me through one of the worst customer experiences ever. 10 emails back and forth and all they can do is give me ‬the same generic call back number. Nobody has any info on the last call and they cannot transfer me to someone that can help. About ready to cancel everything. It’s sad the service is so bad.