I have read a lot of comments on this forum and elsewhere about how USAA handles a Bankruptcy. I have been a member since * I have checking, savings, secured credit cards, auto and renters insurance, and a youth checking account. I plan to reaffirm every debt that I have with USAA. How will this Bankruptcy affect my accounts and membership with USAA?


I would be happy to look into that for you, can you send me a PM so we can discuss in greater detail? Thank you,

Yes, how do I do that? I clicked on your profile, clicked "send message", and was brought to a blank screen.

May I ask if your on USAA .com or your phone?  ~SB

usaa.com from a desktop computer. I'm using Chrome, but also tried Edge.

I am so sorry, I have tried reaching out to you thru Private Message. I see your communication on Twitter as well. They will assist you from here. Sorry for the inconvenience. ~SB

Perfect, that seems to be working well. Thanks!