Identity theft security and responsibilities


I have retirement accounts with USAA and thinking about opening a bank account.  I'm most concerned about the banking account for security purposes since we'd be interacting with other vendors online from there.  Assuming the worst, and someone gains access to my USAA account via the bank account they would then have access to my retirement accounts as well.  So what happens if they drain my retirement accounts?  Is USAA insured for those losses, or am I SOL?


Hello @OldGroundPounder, Thank you for your interest in banking with us. Please know that our top priority is the safety and security of our members accounts and information. To learn more regarding what options are available for security and privacy via online access, select the SECURITY tab under My Profile & Preferences form your profile drop down options. Our security team can also be reached for assisting you at 210-531-8722. 

I will forward your message to our Investments Specialists to review your question pertaining to protection of investment accounts. Thank you. ~ Lori C