I would like to see my designation of beneficiaries for my checking, savings and cd accounts. I would like to add a beneficiary.


I have searched USAA website to try and see my beneficiary designations.  I cannot find a portal for this anywhere. I would like to see my designated beneficiaries and add a beneficiary as I am getting married soon.  Please advise.


Hello @golfer481! Congratulations on the wedding! If your account has a beneficiary, under the account details tab, you will see your account holders being you and any joint, followed by POD (payable on death). If you do not see this, then it does not show that your account has a beneficiary. If you would like to add a beneficiary, please contact us at 800-531-8722 to ensure that we have all of their information on file, before proceeding to send out a signature card, for the account styling change. ~ Samantha

I would like to see my beneficiary designation for checking account but I do not see an account details tab

Hello @Brenbrains, I would be happy to assist you with your beneficiary questions. If you have a beneficiary on an account you will see " POD " ( Payable On Death ). If the account was opened with out naming a beneficiary, that is OK we can send you a Signature Card to add The person you would like to receive the proceeds of the account upon your passing. Please contact us by phone if you would will be needing a signature card to add beneficiary/s to your account. 1-800-531-8722. ~ Suzy