I've been paying my bills on line through my USAA account, but with this new format, I can't find where I pay bills. HELP


This is a new format and I can't find where I go to pay my VISA bill. Nothing, so far, gets me to the bill paying department. Can I get any help getting there? 


@Falcon7X, thank you for reaching out. I understand that you would like to submit a payment for a USAA credit card. You may do so by following these steps:


From the My USAA home page:

  1. Locate the credit card account.
  2. From the I Want To section, select Pay Bills.
  3. Follow the prompts to process a credit card payment.

If using the USAA Mobile App:

  1. Select Accounts.
  2. Select the credit card.
  3. Select Pay.

I hope this helps. ~DC