I usually get my pay a day early but not yesterday



Thank you for your post, @Jallen89. I'd like to look into this for you. Please allow me a few minutes to review your information. Tricia

I appreciate your patience, @Jallen89. I recommend contacting your employer about your direct deposit. We also have account specialist who can assist you and address your questions via chat. To initiate a secure online chat with our 24/7 chat team, select Ask USAA or Reach a Representative near the top of your account page or select Chat from the Contact us options under Help tab. Tricia

For the past 2 pay checks I haven’t gotten paid early either. I checked with my employer and nothing has changed. I’ve been with Usaa for 6 years and have always been paid the day before. What is going on?

@TTrain09,  We make every attempt to have your direct deposit funds available one business day before your normal payday, as long as your employer sends us your pay information at least a business day early. We are the receiving bank and it is difficult for us to determine what could be causing this. I know this is very important to you. If your employer has not changed anything, it could quite possibly be the sending bank or the reserve bank that releases it to us. I would recommend working with your employer in the even it does not show up on your actual pay day. I hope this is helpful. ~ Suzy