I sent money to my checking account which has been closed




I sent money to my checking account via bank transfer, but I had not realised that Usaa have closed the account and charged off my account, for being $20 overdrawn! I'm abroad alot and it's difficult to manage the account sometimes. I've tried contacting USAA several times and I have not had a single response! What is going to happen now to all the money I've sent to the account? This money is meant for paying my credit card, so I cannot pay that until you sort this issue out!

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@Tezlee1, Thank you for reaching out. I understand that funds were sent to a checking account that has been closed, and you were planning to use those funds to make a credit card payment. We'd be happy to discuss the checking account, as well as the credit card account. Please call us at 210-531-8722. ~DC