I would just like to take a moment to tell you about my experience with USAA's customer service and management of a serious matter concerning my auto policy. I have had USAA insurance since I could drive and have had my own policy for over ten years now. I also have a loan through USAA. I'm deeply concerned about the way I've been treated and the unjust approach that has been taken towards this matter.

In October of 2016 my 2015 Honda Civic was flooded during a terrible storm. I contacted USAA and adjuster came out to inspect my car, it was deemed a total loss. I immediately went out shopping for new cars. Shortly after, USAA came and towed my car as they said they would do, plates and all. I bought my new car, a 2016 Honda civic, and while at the dealership I called USAA to take my totaled car off my policy and add my new car.

Fast forward to January 2019. I had been noticing for several months that my monthly payments had been higher but I attributed that to a ticket I had received. I called USAA in January to change my marital status and was asked if I still had both Honda Civics. To my horror and surprise, it turned out I had been paying on a policy for a car that had been deemed totaled by USAA itself for over 2 years. The totaled car was never taken off my policy and I thought, "how could this be possible?" USAA physically came and took my car from me.

What insued after this discovery was 2 MONTHS of mutiple hold times, extreme confusion on both ends and promises that were never delivered. The gentlemen on the phone that January day said that an investation would need to be preformed and that it may take a few weeks. I had faith in USAA still at this point. I called back "a few weeks" later only to have to tell my entire story all over again. It was as if there was no documentation and it became clear to me that no investigation had ever been started. Again I waited at least 4 or 5 lengthy hold times and was told that an investigation would now be started. I expressed my unease for how this situation was being handled but was assured that it would be taken care of.

A few weeks after that, sometime in February, I still had never received an email, call or notification about the status of this "investation". I called yet again and spoke to a gentleman that told me I would be receiving a credit but that it would take some time to back date the policy. I finally thought I had an answer. He even told me it would take until up to March 12th to finish.

March 12th came and went, and by this point I wasn't surprised at the lack of competency and customer service. I called on March 14th to again be put on hold multiple times and asked to repeat information, the whole thing was exhausting. After an hour I was told by a young lady that my request to back date my policy
had been denied due to lack of "documentation". She told me that USAA had sent me a letter (I never received a letter) back in 2016 asking me to cancel my policy and that they weren't allowed to cancel policies without consent due to potential repercussions from the DMV. Well I'm standing here today to tell you that I would have much rather been fined by the DMV then have to suffer through this debacle and lose upwards of $2,000. Furthermore, I can't for the life of me figure out why it would take two months, mutiple phone calls and what would now add up to be multiple hours of waiting in silence on the phone to hear this disappointing news.

At this time, I have no trust or confidence in USAA. I feel like that they, you, have stolen from me, lied to me and given me the run around. You had my car this entire time. How can you justify charging me insurance on a totaled car that isn't even in my possession? I was told on Thursday that USAA was not at fault and that basically it was my problem. That is a flat out lie that I refuse to believe.

In conclusion, I request that my policy be backdated to the day that my car was deemed totaled and my money returned to me. Please restore my faith in an insurance company that as previously mentioned, I've patronized for over a decade with my auto policy and a personal loan. Treating a loyal customer like this is morally wrong.
Please call me immediately, I would hate to have to sever my lengthy relationship with USAA

Shanee Chapman


@Shanee87, I am terribly sorry to hear about your experiences with USAA and I want to have this looked into. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a subject matter expert. They will review your situation and reach out to you. Thank you.