I need to cancel a dispute that I recently submitted.


I accidentally disputed a transaction on my debit card that is actually legitimate. How can I cancel that dispute and keep my current card active?


@NoneyaBissness, Thank you for reaching out! I am sending your concern over to a banking specialist now for further assistance. ~Danielle

Hi @NoneyaBissness! Thanks for reaching out. We can assist with this by phone at 1-800-531-8722, or over live chat by using the Help button at the top of your USAA.com page. We'll send a note to the dispute team that the charge is valid, so we can remove the dispute. If it was placed as a dispute instead of a fraudulent charge, your card should still be active. If the card was already canceled, however, we would be unable to reinstate it. We can take a look at that by phone or chat for you as well. We hope to speak with you soon! ~Holland