I need help figuring out the APR for an auto loan and a savings account.


What is the best APR I can get for a savings account in which I plan to pay about $600 per month for about 5 years?

I am planning to buy a car in five years that will cost about $32,000.  I would like to compare the amount I could save in five years, then use to buy the car with a auto loan for that amount now.  I also need the best APR for an auto loan, which I understand will be higher than the APR I would be offered for my savings account.


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@Prestonian, thanks for reaching out! As rates on Savings accounts and Auto Loans are subject to change, you can see the current rates for each at USAA.com. For Savings accounts, from your home page, select Products at the top of the page, then Savings account under the Banking column. For the current rates on Auto Loans, select Products, then Auto Loans under the Banking column. Each section will give you the best rates for each option we have available. I hope this helps! ~Holland