I need USAA to process a refund immediately

Kat Ryan

I mistakenly paid a bill this morning and caught it immediately, I called the merchant and had them cancel payment and they verified that they have, however, USAA will not put the money back into my account for 5 business days! That is ludicrous, considering it was caught and called about about within 2 minutes of the transaction. Why can't someone just go in and verfiy that its been cancelled and release the funds back to the account? This should be simple.


@Kat Ryan I can understand your concern about pending charges. Pending charges will remain on the account 3-5 business.  To discuss this further, please call us at 800-531-8722 on three way with the merchant and we can help.  Since we cannot make outbound calls, you would need to contact us with them on the line. 

Kat Ryan, I apologize we cannot assist you with this matter via social media. You would need to reach out via chat or a phone call as instructed so we can help you.

I have called several times and have been told there is nothing anyone can do, but last time this happened they were able to fix it.

I can't call them on 3 way, I have no idea how to do this. If it takes 3-5 business days, what would calling them on three way accomplish? I just know that I need to make payments on things and I cannot do so with that money pending a deposit back to my account. In the past, someone was able to see it and fix it right away, I don't understand why that can't be done again?