I'm preparing for when I pass away. How do I allow another to take over my account in this case?


I live on my own.  Well, I live with my mother and we share the house.  If something were to happen to me I would like for my account to be able to be handled by someone.  What steps do I need to take to ensure this happens smoothly, or has this already been handled somehow?


Hello @nlee, Kudos to you for planning ahead. You are able to add a beneficiary to your accounts. For assistance in accomplishing this, give our Deposit Specialists a call at 210-531-8722. You'll need the DOB and SSN for the individual (s) you'd like to add as beneficiary. 

Our Investment Advisors are also a great resource to assist you for estate planning, all part of your benefits of membership. 

Have a great week. ~ Lori C