I'm done with USAA banking - locked account

The Dude3

I discovered today that USAA security locked my account yesterday and I would learn the reason 3 days after the lock or "2 days, 1 hour from now" according to the representative (non-security) I was speaking to.  Though my account was locked yesterday USAA accepted my direct deposit paycheck today thus locking up even more money.


It's inconceivable that USAA would lock down a member's account without telling the member.  The reason for the lock isn't available to the customer service reps either.  I'm not using a VPN (as this member was who had his account locked), I haven't traveled out of the country since my last deployment in 2009, my address and phone numbers have been the same for years, I've worked at the same company for 5 years and the only money coming into my account is my salary and money from a 529 plan when I have to pay my son's tuition bill.  I have no clue what would have triggered security to lock my account.  The CSR specifically said the issue was not related to fraud detection but "security".


I've been a USAA member for 33 years.  I'm keeping my insurance with USAA but moving my deposit accounts elsewhere (once USAA restores access).  I can't imagine any other bank would treat me this poorly, except Wells Fargo and I'm certainly not going there.


Note that my complaint is not that my account was locked.  My complaint is the total lack of communication and transparency from USAA.  USAA has forgotten that its customers are people who count on USAA being a reliable and trustworthy institution.  I can no longer trust USAA to hold my money.


Thank you for sharing your concerns with us today @Thedude3, I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with a subject matter expert. Once reviewed, they will contact you. We do appreciate your patience. -Emily

No one contacted me.  I called back tonight and the CSR, Pearl, was awesome. She was able to unlock my account and tell me why it was locked in the first place.  We weren't able to figure out why I wasn't notified, however...I get USAA e-mails all the time.  A little background on my situation...I have a cat with stage 4 kidney disease and she has a vet appointment tomorrow morning.  I didn't know how I was going to pay...the diagnosis process has maxed out my credit card but Pearl saved the day.


Pearl has restored my trust in USAA not only because she was effective but because she took the time to go through my security settings with me in detail to ensure the correct e-mail and phone numbers were in place.  She's kept me as a customer so @ look up Pearl and please give her a raise or a bonus or an extra day off. I gave her love in the post-call survey but she deserves more!  Thanks!


@The Dude3, Thank you for the update. I'm sharing your post with the team that has been assigned to review your concerns. I'll also send a copy to Pearl's manager. I'm pleased to learn that Pearl saved the day so you can pay for your cat's vet appointment tomorrow. I, too, have a cat with kidney disease, so my heart goes out to you and your kitty! ~DC