I live in Dallas but need to deposit cash. Where can I do this? SA is 5+ hours away.


I like USAA but with Dallas being close to the same size as SA, and also the fact you have a USAA financial institution in N. Dallas, why do you not allow me to deposit cash here?


@PICLSA08, we can understand the need for a physical location at times.  We no longer have a financial center in North Texas.  The best workaround for cash deposit is to obtain a money order and then deposit that using our Deposit@Home feature.  I will be happy to submit your feedback regarding locations as well.  We appreciate your post and comments on this matter. 

If you deposit too much according to the bank, they will start putting a hold, even on a money order.  They said it was because it was more of a deposit than we normally do, but it wasn't.  It's already bad enough I have to get money orders all the time.  Kroger must think I am laundering money.

I’m just looking into this now, and I’m finding that where I am, the closest place is 67 miles. Hopefully, USAA will make adjustments to allow us to deposit from atm machines!

Thank you for reaching out to us today @Twentysixpointtwo. You can find the nearest ATM to you by going to USAA.com/ATM. Another option could be to obtain a money order and use our deposit@mobile option in the comfort of your home. Please let us know if you have any other questions, have a good day. -Emily