I just filed a dispute for several charges on my debit card. A trusted family friend, turned out to be the exact opposite. How long before I know if they even received the dispute? She went on a shopping and ATM spree over the last few months and I never realized it was her :( getting with the state attorney Mon to pursue criminal charges :( I'm just hoping to hear at least a confirmation soon, that they are looking into it. She really took us to the cleaners. Guess I shouldn't assume it was my spouse next time :(


@MomOf2Lovlies, It's unfortunate to hear that a once trusted friend is responsible for unauthorized use of your ATM/Debit card. In the scenario you've described, the transactions would possibly be considered fraud, so filing as a dispute would not be the correct process. Please give a call to our Fraud Department to discuss this further and determine how we might be able to assist you. 210-531-8722. Thank you. ~ Lori