I have no clue on Home Buying....neither does USAA!


I recently closed on my home, this is my first home purchase.  All the excitement has been completly drained by Mr. Cooper, USAA, and NationStar.  First of all, it took nearly 7 months to even get to close and not because of an legality, but because I had to call Mr. Cooper everyday to make sure the process was moving along and half the time I'd be lucky if they answered my calls or emails.  So, cut to 7 months later and I finally close (2 weeks ago) I know for sure teh closing documents said I have a payment due on November 1st, but how do I pay it???  I have no clue, still don't I have called USAA and Mr. Cooper.  Mr. Cooper doesn't even know if I have a loan through them (closing officer has given me a loan number) and USAA can see all my information but says I have to pay online.  Ok, Great I'll pay it........yea ok.......I can't find anywhere on my account where I can pay my loan.  A customer service rep said he don't know how, another one says its under my products...it ain't...this alone make s me want to leave USAA.  Of somehting so important, there needs ot be a better way for us as consumers to have access to our home loans.  USAA is a total bust, their banking services are already subpar, but their mortgage "servicing" is even worse!  I will re-finance at my first opportunity!!!


@1stTimeHomeOwner, we appreciate you taking the opportunity to share your experience. Certainly this is not what we want for our members. I have shared your concerns with our mortgage department. They will research your concerns and reach out to discuss this matter with you. I apologize for any frustration this may have caused you. Tricia

It should be under My Account Summary on your main page. It would say Mortgage Loan or something like that. USAA works through Nationstar, as I have found kind of separate from MR. Cooper, so I think if you were to call Mr. Cooper directly, they may or may not have issues finding it. If you have a loan, it would be on your main page, if not, then you would need to call and speak with the mortgage department, not a tier 1 banking rep. I get your beef, I really do, however you really need to push to get to someone who knows what they are talking about, I have found a tier 1 rep hasn't a clue at USAA.