I did not receive a Form 1098 for tax year 2018, why?


It is March 17, 2019 and I would like to complete my 2018 taxes, but have not recieved Form 1098 for my home equity loan that was paid off in December 2018.  Interest was paid in every month of 2018 on this HELOC.  Why can't i find it in My Documents?


@WheresWaldo, Thank you for reaching out to us. I will engage a subject matter expert to further review. We will follow up with you. -  Ben

Hello @WheresWaldo, I was able to locate your account. The 1098 form is located in the Tax folder in My Documents at USAA.com. I do show the 2018 form was posted on 1/29. If you have trouble opening the file please reach out to one of our servicing reps at 800-531-8722. Thank you!