I can't add American Express Personal Savings accounts to my USAA account


I used to have my AMEX Personal Savings accounts on my USAA account but they stopped updating and I can't seem to re-add them. I was tracking some savings goals through USAA with that account and I would like to continue to do so.


edit: I can still transfer funds to and from that other account, but I just cannot view them or add them to goals anymore.


Hello @MAK15, this can sometimes occur if you are using a saved link to bring up our page before logging in, such as a Favorite/Bookmark/Shortcut. Please enter USAA.com directly into the address bar of a new browser window and see if it will allow you to Add an External Account again. If not, please reach out to our Website Support Team at 210-531-8722. Thanks. ~ Lori C.