I am receiving fund from a NON-USAA member


Last night I asked my boyfriend to send 50$ into my new USAA account and he sent it using my account number He sent it and it says he sent it and that was that. A few minutes go by and I see that I have to enroll with Zelle to send or receive funds, I do that and I hook it up to my email. My boyfriend doesnt use Zelle and sent the funds using his banks option to send funds which is TD bank, Will I still get the funds although he didnt use Zelle and how long would it take for the funds to go into my USAA checking account?


Hi Sammycx, That's a great question. It's not necessary to enroll in Zelle if your boyfriend had initiated the funds transfer directly with his bank. Typically, funds transfers can take 3 to 5 business days to post to an account. Keep in mind that the transfer has to go through the Federal Reserve before we receive the funds. I hope this helps. - Ben